The support groups I conduct are continually forming and disbanding. Currently I have two groups open:

Women’s Infertility Support Group

I’ve been running groups in the North for about four or five years. Some people love the camaraderie of groups. Others are shy, some are held back by their shame, or are afraid they will bump into someone they know. I’ve never had anyone bump into someone they know. But this is not something I can control.

For those of you who are shy, there is no requirement to talk. I’ve had women come who told me prior to the start of the group they didn’t want to talk. I assured them that was fine. By the end, they were fully engaged and sharing their story.

For those of you who are in shame – 99% of the time, everyone in the group is also feeling shame. If they are not feeling shame, it’s likely they are so angry, shame doesn’t have room in their system at the moment. What happens most of the time is this. I tell the person to come once, if they don’t like it, don’t come back. Most of the time, everyone comes back because by the end of their first meeting they are fully engaged and happy to be understood and supported.

Women helping women – gotta love it!

1st Monday Each Month $15/pp Call 973-801-7968

Video Conference Infertility Support Group

Join us via phone or video for this group. We will discuss common areas of concern such as treatment experiences, communication with family, friends and partner, loss and grief to name a few. The specific topics will be guided by the interest and needs of the group members.

NOW FORMING $10/pp First Tuesday of each Month Call 973-801-7968