Courageous Conversations Using IFS

New Coral Gables Group Forming!

In this new group we will examine the question, “How do I show up in my relationships with others?”  We will explore ways to work with the parts of ourselves that stand in the way of remaining steady and openhearted in the face of challenging situations.  

Whether your challenge is a reluctance to speak up or regret about the way you do, this group will help you explore those parts of you that drive your actions. You will also have the opportunity to explore those situations that are particularly triggering for you, as well as how you show up in conflict situations. You will learn how to become less reactive and therefore have more choice in the way you respond.

We will be using Dick Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model. IFS is a highly effective way of guiding people to a state of inner clarity and compassion.  From this place, one can calm and transform polarized inner voices, compulsive distractions, and feelings of vulnerability and overwhelm. These parts of the psyche are surprisingly responsive and resilient when addressed with respect and patience.


8-week Group: Tuesdays 7-8:30

Start date to be determined, depending on interest, in Coral Gables

Cost: $375 for 8 sessions

Facilitated by Bette Galen, LCSW, Certified Internal Family Systems and Stephen Roof, IFS Practitioner, IFS Trained Levels I, II, and lll

Group limited to 8 participants.  To sign up or ask questions, call 973.801.7968 or 305.219.2994

No previous group experience necessary