Websites   – The National Infertility Association

www.pathwaystoparenthood– Pathways To Parenthood – American Society for Reproductive Medicine – Parents Via Egg Donation Donor Conception Network – International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination

www.singlemothersbychoice -Single Mothers By Choice – Surrogate Mothers Online – The Organization of parents through Surrogacy – Creating a Family: The National Infertiity & Adoption Education Nonprofit – Family Equity Council – Gay and Lesbian Allianace Against Defamation

Books for Adults


  • A Few Good Eggs: Two Chicks Dish on Overcoming the Insanity of Infertility By Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan
  • Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional & Ethical Considerations By Susan Cooper, Ellen Sarasohn Glazer.
  • Flight of the Stork: What Children Think (And When About Sex and Family Building) By Anne C. Bernstein
  • Hot Flashes Warm Bottles : First-Time Mothers Over Forty By Nancy London
  • The Long Awaited Stork: A guide to Parenting After Infertility.  By Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
  • The Art of Waiting; On Fertility, Medicine, and Motherhood by Belle Boggs
  • Waiting for Daisy: A tale of two continents, 3 religions, 5 infertility doctors, an Oscar, an atomic bomb, a romantic night, and 1 woman’s quest to become a mother. By Peggy Orenstein
  • Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough questions and Building Strong Families. By Diane Ehrensaft


  • A Matter of Trust: The Guide To Gestational Surrogacy. By Gail Dutton
  • Pathways to Parenthood: The Ultimate Guide to Surrogacy. By Stacy Ziegler
  • Surrogacy Was the Way: 20 Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories. By Zara Griswold
  • A Gay Couple’s Journey Through Surrogacy: Intended Father’s. By Jerry Bigner

Egg/Sperm Donor Recipients

  • Behind Closed Doors; Moving Beyond Secrecy and Shame. Edited by Mikki Morrissette
  • Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination. By Ken Daniels
  • The Insider’s Guide to Egg donation: A compassionate and Comprehensive Guide for all Parents-to-Be. By Wendie Wilson-Miller

Single Mothers

  • Single Mothers by Choice: A Guidebook for Single Women Who are Choosing or Have Chosen Motherhood. By Jane Mattes
  • Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide. By Mikki Morrissett

Children’s Books

General Books

Frederick Mizer, Kelly C. Waiting for You

Parr, Todd . The Family Book and It’s Okay to Be Different

Curtis, J.L. Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born

Third Party Books

Celcer, Irene. Hope & Will Have A Baby. (donor egg, sperm, embryo, gestational carrier)

Clay, George Anne. Why don’t I have a Daddy (single mom by choice)

Downey, Roma.  Love is a family. (single mothers)

Gordon, S.  All Families are Different

Jover, Carmen Martinez. 15 Recipes of How Babies are Made (Egg, Sperm, Embryo, and Surrogacy)

Martinez, C. A tiny Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life: An Egg Donor Story.

Nadel, Carolina. Mommy, Was your Tummy Big? (egg donation)

Stamm, L . Phoebe’s Family: A story About Egg Donation

Gestational Surrogacy

Corning, M.  Nick’s Story: How One Surrogacy Family Proved that Miracles Can Happen (ages 5-10)

Luger-Bell, K., The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children (ages 3+)

LaMothe, S & Rella, T., Surrogacy Helps Make a Family Grow

Lews-Long, C., Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy

Martin, T., Surrogacy, A Magical Delivery

Pellet, S.P., The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story about Surrogacy for Young Children (Ages 2-8)

Rella, T. , Daddy and Pop

Books adapted for Various Family Situations

Baxter, N. Our  Story (Egg, Sperm Embryo, Solo moms, Same sex couples)

Grimes, J., Before YOu Were Born… Our Wish For a Baby (IVF, Donor Egg/Sperm/Embryo,Gestational Carrier,

Same Sex Male)

Kluger-Bell, K The Pea That Was Me (Egg/Sperm/Embryo, Single Mom, Same Sex Couples, IVF)

Same Sex Parents

Clay, George Anne. Why Don’t I Have a Daddy. A Story of donor Conception

Combs, Bobbie. A Family Alphabet Book

Elwin, Roamund. Asha’s Mums

Garden, Nancy. Molly’s Family

Packard, Robin Ann. Two Daddies and Me

Newman, Leslea. Heather Has Two Mommies

Richardson,Justin and Parnell, Peter.  And Tango Makes Three

Skutch, Robert. Who’s in a Family?

Valentine, Johnny. One Dad Two Dads Brown Dad Blue Dads